Retaining Walls Gold Coast

Here at Excavation Works Queensland our clients chose to have retaining and rock walls built for numerous reasons. Some because they want to level their property or create a stylish garden bed or feature. Most commonly though, retaining walls provide structural support to any downhill land and retain the soil behind it. Whatever the reason for your retaining wall, if you are located on the Gold Coats or Brisbane our excavation operators are always on hand to help you excavate and build the perfect retaining wall for your needs.

Deciding on the right type of materials can be a challenging task as you need to decide what materials best suit the surrounding environment. Below we have listed just a few types of materials you can consider when choosing how you want your rock wall or retaining wall to look.

Stone Veneer​

Stone Veneer is quite a strong and durable product that looks natural, with may natural and manufactured stone veneer products available on the market in all different styles and colours on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The fact that it is available in different colours and styles means that you can easily blend it in with surrounding structures.


Concrete retaining walls come in all different forms. For example, there is the concrete block wall which is generally used for small retaining walls, and there is the poured concrete retaining wall which is much stronger than that of a concrete block wall. You can paint this in almost any colour available, or you can keep the natural look. Whatever your desire of excavation operators on the gold coast can help you create what you are looking for.


Brick walls look great if you are trying to create a feature or blend in your wall with your surround brick structures and elements. While installing a brick wall can be labour intensive, it definitely makes up for the hard work with its durability to the elements.


Wood retaining walls are evidently popular in and around the Gold Coast and Brisbane and they can look good if done right. This type of retaining wall does tend to rot and will require water proofing. You will find that because woot is susceptible to the elements it will not last as long as your concrete retaining walls or rock walls. Pinterest have many different designs and ideas of wood retaining walls that you can browse through.

Rock Walls

Rock Walls are the most natural solution to any retaining wall. They are easy to install and provide your garden or property with a natural flow as the rock wall blends in with the environment. If you drive around you will see that Rock Walls Gold Coast and Brisbane are everywhere to be seen. These are great as natural rock walls for the fact holds a sense of uniqueness as each rock is different and holds its own individual look and feel. Whatever your needs excavation Works Gold Coast and Brisbane can help you chose the size rocks for your Brisbane or Gold Coast rock wall.

If you have a look at Pinterest you will find heaps of images ideas for retaining walls.

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