Stump Hole Diggers

Stump Hole Diggers Gold Coast & South Brisbane

At Excavation works we pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge all of our stump hole diggers have. We have all of the leading industry equipment needed to effectively and efficiently dig a stump hole. All of our machines have attachable augers ranging from a range of diameters catering from common depth requirements. Sometimes a stump hole needs to be very wide for the larger stumps. In this instance we would use the excavator to dig the stump hole. You can have a look at a large stump hole being dig here – Digging the Stump Hole

While you can easily hire a manual petrol operated stump hole diggers, these can be inefficient. Hiring one can cost you twice as much and take you twice as long as utlising stump hole diggers and operators.


Digging holes, also known as post hole digging for fencing can be a very labour intensive job by hand. This is where Excavation Works can help you. Our staff take the time to understand your requirements and the specifications of the fence being installed. From here we will ensure that each hole is the correct width and depth. This will ensure your fence is level and easy to install.

New Decking

If you are installing some new decking our diggers and operators can help! Given the expense for a new deck it is important that it is level, and no materials are wasted. Therefore, our operators will make sure the pier holes are lined up correctly. Our operators will will also guarantee the correct depth is maintained as per the plans given to us.

Signs and Billboards

Signs and billboard are a statement piece and are generally used in advertising. Whether you have a new development area or operate a retail business, you can utilise our stump hole diggers. The stump hole diggers and quickly dig the holes evenly aligned as you require without any hassle.

Trees & Plants

Especially on the Gold Coast, there is so much rock that it can at times be very difficult to dig a simple stump hole for your tree or plant. We recommend marking out the location of where you want to plan them. Once you have done this, give us a call and we can easily come by and dig them out for you.

Waste no time manually digging your stump hole, or searching for a manual machine. Give Excavation Works Queensland a call today!