Trench Excavation Gold Coast & Brisbane

Trench Digging could never be any easier with Excavation Works Queensland.

A lot of people start out digging their trench with shovels and pickaxes only to end up utilising mini excavator services to save time. This is where our Gold Coast and South Brisbane excavator operators can assist you in getting your job done quickly and efficiently. You name it, we can dig it for you!

When digging a trench for our Gold Coast and South Brisbane passed clients we always ensure we use the right tools, equipment and materials to ensure the trenches are dug appropriately. We make sire that we consult with ur client to ensure no surrounding plants, trees, root systems, and surrounding driveways, sidewalks, or structures are damages as a result of the excavation and earthmoving work. If there is any vegetation that our clients want to keep, we will always try to save it and replant once the job has been completed.

After digging the trench for its purpose, whether it be for a drains, pipe lines etc, we will backfill the trench. When backfilling the trench our machinery will compact the backfill to reduce the amount of settling that will occur.

If you need a small trench digger for any of your trench excavation needs on the Gold Coast or South Brisbane, please call our team at Excavation Works Queensland today for an obligation free quote.