Turf and Lawn Preparation

Turf and Lawn Preparation - GOLD COAST | SOUTH BRISBANE

Are you looking for that new lush green grass? Does your current lawn look dead and lifeless? Well look no further than Excavation Works Queensland. We have used our mini excavators to repair, replace and build a many new lawns across the Gold Coast and South Brisbane. We can help prepare your land to ensure the ground is level and has adequate drainage points for your new lawn.

When preparing a new lawn, you should first spray all weeds and old grass with Roundup or a similar herbicide about two weeks prior to any excavation work. You will need to have the area excavated if the ground is too hard, compacted or too high against pathways. Secondly, if you have bumpy ground then using an excavator to level the ground will ensure your lawn looks great against your garden beds, house or business. Once the ground has been excavated for preparation of your lawn you will need to apply a top soil, this is especially important if you have compacted or hard clay like ground as it will ensure the new turf / grass roots can bond easily. Our mini bobcats can help you lay new top soil, which will be especially beneficial and efficient for large areas.

Our mini excavators will prove beneficial in accessing those hard to get to places on your property like the side of your house, or small courtyard. So don’t feel as if it is impossible to repair, replace or build your new lawn in tight places. If we can’t do it, no one can!

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